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The American Holocaust
By Eden Allen

The bible teaches in Exodus “The shalt not murder”, there is no doubt, that it is a commandment from God. So why does this Christian nation, built on a foundation of biblical values who left England for freedom of religion, allow the murder of the innocent? Many people assume because a baby is in inside the womb that it does not feel the pain of the death. According to congressional testimony by the nation’s leading anesthesiologists, the anesthesia given to the mother does not help the baby and they do feel great pain.
I will approach this with the assumption that the general pubic does not realize the brutality of the partial birth abortion. So I will explain the procedure. The mother is dilated in advance and then comes in on the another day to have the abortion procedure, performed. At that time the doctor uses forceps to grab the baby’s legs and pull them down the birth canal. Then he delivers the body and arms, everything but the head, which is kept in the uterus. Even while the little fingers are clasping and unclasping and the legs kicking, he sticks scissors in the back of the head. Then the arms jerk out like a baby does when it thinks it will fall, the doctor opens the scissors, puts a high powered suction tube in and sucks the brains our. Afterwards, the doctor delivers the head and cuts the umbilical cord and placenta. At that point, the baby is thrown in the pan with the instruments and placenta. The nurse that gave this report said she saw the baby move in the pan and was told it was reflex. She cried and said she had never seen anything like it. The mother of this baby cried too. I can’t write this without crying. A doctor who had done more than 1,000 of this abortions says 80% are “purely elective”.
So why are we, Americans, committing this horrible crime against God and the “innocents”? We are killing our own future. All for convenience, whether it is: bad timing, out of wedlock, concern for birth defects, rape victims, all excuses to go on with our lives, without responsibility for actions that were taken. Many call it a choice, well it is a “baby” and the choice has already been made, by someone. Each year 17,000 abortions are performed after the twenty-second week of pregnancy. (There are only 40 weeks in a pregnancy)
Psalm 127:3 states, “children are a gift from the Lord”. My desire is to make people aware of the atrocity involved in this procedure. By the way, the mother of the baby in the above procedure, kept saying, “I am so sorry please forgive me” to her dead child that they allowed her to hold afterward. And the nurse, endured only two more procedures before she declared, “this should not be allowed to happen in this country”, after having many nightmares about it.
We, as Americans, are all accountable while the killing goes on, only the voices of the people will cause a change. Writing and calling your congressmen, and representatives. We cannot sit by an watch the murder, just as we have not sat and watched the Yugoslavian bloodbath and we did not allow the Germans to kill off all the Jews. Killing abortion doctors is a Wrong Response to the problem that only defeats the purpose. Leading people to Christ is the key, because the Holy Spirit leads us to truth through the reading and understanding of the Word of God. First our minds change, than our hearts are convicted, which leads to our actions changing.
No child is conceived that God is not aware of, Matthew 10:30 says, “even the hairs of our head are numbered”, so understand that All are precious in his sight. With our freedoms that have been given because of much shed blood, we should make a difference for those who cannot speak for themselves. America’s shame is the “abortion”.

The statistics and example in this piece are excerpts from a pamphlet provided by the Arthur Demoss Foundation.
The bible quotes are from the New American Standard Translation.

Copyright 1999