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Dream World

Dreams fascinate me,
As much as I procrastinate at bedtime,
I have a harder time waking up.
But back to dreams.
Do you ever wonder?
Ponder, speculate?
That one day when we die,
It will be like in our dreams?
I do believe when we awake,
In the Afterlife,
That it will be as a dream.
If you think of it,
How else would we be able to relate,
To another world, another time, and place.
I believe our dream experiences,
Will help us when we pass on.
I cannot express in details or even say for certain,
I just feel that dreams are relative.
Maybe simply because the God I serve,
Does all things for a reason.
Things for times and seasons.
Now, I want to sleep, to dream, to move on.
But, if I am wrong and things are simply, different.
Oh well.
What I do know for sure is that I plan to enjoy,
This life, dreams and all.

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